Spirit of Liverpool USA

Spirit of Liverpool USA

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How massive is Celtic FC?

Do you know how big our international partnership, CELTIC FC, is? Take a look at their new training facility!

Congratulations are in order!

10 members of the 2005 Boys team were recognized in both Connecticut and Massachusetts for their accomplishments in their high school soccer seasons.

7 Central Massachusetts All Stars include Cody Lunn, Arthur Frieswick, Michael Lysiak, Chris Dame, Adrien Roach, John Krikonis and Logan Shephard 3 Eastern Connecticut Conference include Wyatt Robbie (All Star) Brian Jameson (Scholar Athlete) and Owen Tracy (Sportsmanship)

Our 2005 Boys won EDP New England Conference Team of the Year! Our very own Steve Taylor receives Boys Coach of the Season!

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Congrats to Kayla and Ella from our 2009 IMPACT for being selected to the National Identification in Tampa!